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Hall of Fame - Bowling

Grade Type 
Match Format 
InningsMatchHat Tricks

4 wickets in an innings

1Murray SmithBonbeach2022/20236.2425Cricket Southern Bayside One-Day BLUE DIV (Sun)16 1Mackie16703691573274257489
2Andrew G LawryBonbeach (4th)2022/20236.0185Cricket Southern Bayside Div 7 35 overs 1 Day Sat11 1Parkdale United (3rd)8299521573274158661
3David J CamilleriBonbeach2022/20235.31125CSB PCFA Masters DivisionSF 1Port Melbourne3021461573274211695
4Lukas J CareyBonbeach - A2022/20234.01135CSB T20 Competition5 1Mordialloc19985821573274212596
5Robbie LancasterBonbeach - A2022/20233.00145CSB T20 Competition3 1Chelsea255351573274212583
6Xavier MartinBonbeach (3rd)2022/20237.11175Cricket Southern Bayside Division 512 1Bayside (2nd)19195511573274240596
7Tim WhitfordBonbeach2022/20236.02185Cricket Southern Bayside One-Day BLUE DIV (Sun)5 1South Caulfield S212572661573274241939
8Nathan CochraneBonbeach (3rd)2022/20238.01225Cricket Southern Bayside Division 56 1Heatherton (2nd)5742391573274240570
9Harley DaleBonbeach (1st)2022/20238.00275Cricket Southern Bayside Championship Division8 1Bentleigh (1st)2517141573274238361
10Michelle EdmondsonBonbeach Black2022/20234.0224Cricket Southern Bayside Women's Division 33 1CUCC Queens21410541573274220599
11Kiah Laughlin-GlenBonbeach Red2022/20234.0174Cricket Southern Bayside Women's Division 29 1Mackie 14018101573274219207
12Lukas J CareyBonbeach (1st)2022/20237.22104Cricket Southern Bayside Championship Division2 1Beaumaris (1st)19985821573274238338
13Jake MiddletonBonbeach2022/20237.02104Cricket Southern Bayside One-Day BLUE DIV (Sun)15 1Bentleigh23857341573274257479
14Thomas BrethertonBonbeach (4th)2022/20237.01114Cricket Southern Bayside Div 7 35 overs 1 Day Sat20 1Cheltenham (3rd)12613221573274158697
15Nathan CochraneBonbeach (2nd)2022/20238.02144Cricket Southern Bayside Division 314 1Mentone (2nd)5742391573274238007
16Thomas BrethertonBonbeach (4th)2022/20235.00144Cricket Southern Bayside Div 7 35 overs 1 Day Sat8 1Cheltenham (3rd)12613221573274158649
17Daniel M MuellerBonbeach (1st)2022/20238.03154Cricket Southern Bayside Championship DivisionSF 1South Caulfield (1st)25121573274238389
18Michael ElliottBonbeach (3rd)2022/20238.02164Cricket Southern Bayside Division 5SF 1Parkdale United (2nd)3494611573274240607
19Tyson ClearyBonbeach2022/20234.01174Cricket Southern Bayside One-Day BLUE DIV (Sun)9 1Cheltenham13844911573274253863
20Abby BroomhallBonbeach Black2022/20234.00174Cricket Southern Bayside Women's Division 39 1Bentleigh 37341601573274220623
21Gavin FewkesBonbeach (3rd)2022/20238.03204Cricket Southern Bayside Division 57 1Kingston Hawthorn (5th)715771573274240576
22Daniel Van HeesBonbeach (2nd)2022/20238.02214Cricket Southern Bayside Division 313 1Heatherton (1st)6355631573274238006
23Darren FergusonBonbeach (3rd)2022/20238.03214Cricket Southern Bayside Division 59 1Aspendale (2nd)1426921573274240582
24Zane WagnerBonbeach (3rd)2022/20238.01234Cricket Southern Bayside Division 51 1Carnegie (3rd)3921621573274240550
25Jamie MathesonBonbeach (2nd)2022/20238.00244Cricket Southern Bayside Division 3SF 1Bayside (1st)10724301573274238011
26Michael B SomertonBonbeach (2nd)2022/20236.01264Cricket Southern Bayside Division 3GF 1Bayside (1st)1706701573274238014
27Daniel M MuellerBonbeach (2nd)2022/20238.01274Cricket Southern Bayside Division 35 1McKinnon (2nd)25121573274237971
28Michael B SomertonBonbeach (2nd)2022/20237.40354Cricket Southern Bayside Division 36 1Heatherton (1st)1706701573274237977
29Ab DasBonbeach (2nd)2022/20238.03354Cricket Southern Bayside Division 312 1Bayside (1st)3503481573274238000
30Lukas J CareyBonbeach (1st)2022/20238.00564Cricket Southern Bayside Championship Division1 1Mentone (1st)19985821573274238333
1 Matthew Weston100Cricket Southern Bayside Division 35
2 Keith R Leersen100Cricket Southern Bayside Division 57
3 Lukas J Carey92Cricket Southern Bayside Championship Division8
4 Tom F Smith92Cricket Southern Bayside Championship Division4
5 Sean Gales84Cricket Southern Bayside Division 34
6 Tom F Smith76Cricket Southern Bayside Championship Division7
7 Matthew Weston73Cricket Southern Bayside Division 313
8 Henko Blaauw72Cricket Southern Bayside Div 7 35 overs 1 Day Sat10
9 Keith R Leersen70Cricket Southern Bayside Division 51
10 Tom F Smith70Cricket Southern Bayside Championship Division9